Daniel Tracy - Under the Radar (Artikelnummer: BDT003EN)


In the years before the Berlin Wall came down and Communism fell in Eastern Europe, Daniel and Cynthia Tracy served the church behind the Iron Curtain by providing Bibles, Christian literature, ministry in teaching, preaching and worship, and humanitarian help.

In the Author's own words; " It does not take a 'big name' to make a big impact - all it takes is simple obedience to God for Him to use you to make a big difference in your generation. Some of the greatest miracles happen as we are willing to walk with Jesus 'Under the Radar'...."

The true stories in this book will impact your life and:

  1. Draw you  closer to Jesus.
  2. You will find faith to trust Him more deeply on your journey through life
  3. You will recognize more clearly the many times He has intervened in your own life.

You will be moved to praise and thanksgiving for the privilege of knowing Him who has begun a good work in you - and who is indeed faithful to complete it!

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