Daniel Tracy - Made to Resonate (Artikelnummer: BDT002EN)


I am convinced that we as human beings are designed by God to be able to perceive, hear and commune with Him easily and “naturally supernaturally”.

Everything in the universe, whether organic or inorganic, is in constant motion. Even things that seem to be completely devoid of life – metals or stone – are constantly moving or “vibrating” on the molecular and atomic level. Resonance happens when a vibration is received at a frequency that causes a complementary vibration in response. This ability to resonate to certain frequencies is “built in” to everything that exists from the time of its creation. It is a natural, God–given thing that is simply there. It is an unchangeable fact like all other physical laws of the universe.

You and I have been created to "resonate" to God's "frequency"!


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